Crystine grew up in Montreal and moved on the South Shore in 1997 in the old Greenfield Park, close to Saint-Lambert. Being recognized for her commitment to her clients, you will feel confident from your first meeting with her. Accustomed to working in a context where governance and negotiations are crucial as Director of Strategic Accounts for more than 22 years, in the market for large companies where she has won numerous awards and distinctions, you can rest assured that all transactions are carried out in the state of the art.

She has always been recognized for her exemplary professionalism and her ability to stand out both with her clients and her colleagues.

Discipline is a very strong character trait in Crystine which has always allowed her to have multiple successes in her career as well as in her private life. This discipline helped earn her black belt in karate, which further demonstrates to you how successful she is when she focuses on her goals.

Being in the real estate industry since 2018, she decided to direct her career as a real estate broker for her passion in this field. She has, over time, bought several properties in order to renovate and resell them; so this field has always been very familiar to her and this experience adds to her background of skills.

When you give her a mandate, you are assured of work carried out with rigour, efficiency, integrity and passion.

Her solid experience as well as her skills will allow you to have peace of mind.

In addition, treating her customers as she would like to be treated is a fundamental value for her because after all, beyond all transactions, there’s YOU!

A native of Saint-Lambert, Pierre has differentiated himself throughout his 27-year career in the construction industry by his commitment to his clients. From listening most attentively to make each project unique, as he quickly understood that personalizing his approach was the key to success. Putting people first has always been his way of working.

Expert in his field, he has developed uncommon skills in the realization of major projects where personalization had to be at the rendezvous in order to differentiate himself from his competition. Over the years, his passion in the field of construction was transformed more specifically in the field of real estate since he gravitated around this field for a very long time. Pierre is known for his professionalism, so you will immediately feel confident when you meet him. You can be sure that everything will be done by the book and in the most meticulous manner when you work with Pierre.

From his personal life, Pierre has renovated several residences that are large projects, because buying a property and having to redo it completely is not an obstacle for him. He has also developed a network of competent people around him to ensure he always has resources available when needed. It is now time for Pierre to put all his skills and knowledge within the real estate industry to accompany you in the realization of your real estate project.

Passionate and committed, when Cédric has something on his mind, it's with great determination that he puts everything in place to succeed. Highly empathetic, you'll quickly notice the social skills he possesses.

Cédric developed a real interest in real estate during his time in the construction industry, where he worked as a carpenter for 4 years. This experience enabled him to acquire a wealth of building knowledge, which is a real asset in real estate.

In his constant quest to acquire additional skills and knowledge, Cédric decided to attend the Académie de l'Entrepreneuriat to perfect these, knowing full well that a real estate broker is self-employed.

If you give him a mandate, you can be sure that he'll rise to the challenge with flying colors, because he's a great listener and reads between the lines. He has always worked with rigor and integrity, and will be available at any time to help you complete your transaction. His values matched those of Pierre and Crystine, which is why he decided to join the team.

Accompanying her customers every step of the way is a firm commitment on her part that is extremely important to her. You can rest assured that his mandate will be fulfilled with skill, passion and, above all, without fail.

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